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Served Daily from 11am till 3pm

Picadillo is made with pork and shredded beef.

Your choice of cheese, chicken, beef or picadillo.
Served with rice and beans.

Add Guacamole $3.00 Add Pico de Gallo $1.50

Baked with Cheese $1.00  Add Deluxe $3.75

Add Bean Dip $1.50 Add Sour Cream $1.75

#31 One Chile Relleno
Served with guacamole and tortillas. $11.55

#32 One Burrito
Your choice of Chicken, beef, picadillo $9.75

#33 One Chalupa
Served with guacamole and sour cream $10.75

#34 One Chimichanga
Served with guacamole and sour cream $10.75

#35 One Avocado Tostada $10.75

#36 One Deluxe Tostada $10.75

#37 Two Enchiladas $10.75

#38 One Taco & Enchilada $10.75

#39 Enchilada and Tamal $10.75

#40 Enchiladas de Pollo con Mole $10.99

#41 One Chorizo Burrito $10.50

#42 Two Huevos Rancheros
Served with tortillas $10.50

#43 Chorizo con Huevos
Served with tortillas $10.50

#44 Two Tacos
Served with sour cream $10.75

#45 One Spinach Enchilada $10.25

#46 Two Chipotle Enchiladas $12.25

#47 Chile Verde Burrito $11.50

#48 Chile Colorado Burrito $11.50

Daily Lunch Specials $10.50

Monday Burrito Colorado
Filled with tender pieces of beef simmered in a red sauce

Tuesday Enchilada
A large corn tortilla filled with your choice of chicken or beef, garnished with bell peppers and onions. Served with rice and beans

Wednesday Enchilada Verde
A large enchilada filled with your choice of meat, then topped with melted cheese, green tomatillo sauce and sour cream

Thursday Burrito Verde
Filled with tender pieces of pork and topped with mild tasty tomatillo sauce.

Friday Two Tacos
Filled with your choice of meat and hard or soft shell. Served with sour cream

Small Lunch Combinations

Arroz con Pollo $11.50

Your Choice or Chicken or steak $11.50