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General Recommendations

People use elsombreroseattle to connect with fantastic local businesses. We understand that individuals may not always agree, but we want everyone on the site to be honest and respectful of one another and the platform. Just in case, we’ve put up some basic rules to help establish the tone for discussion on the site. Please also read the extra standards for particular sorts of material that you may submit to the site, which are listed below.

Please ensure that your comments are relevant to the topic. For example, reviews aren’t the place for rants about political ideology, a company’s hiring methods, unusual situations, or other topics that don’t touch the essence of the customer experience.

Inappropriate language and images are permitted, but there is no place for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other manifestations of intolerance.

Conflicts of interest: Your contributions to elsombreroseattle should be neutral and unbiased. You should not, for example, post evaluations for your own company or employer, your friends’ or family’ companies, your colleagues or rivals in your field, or firms in your networking group. Customers should never be asked to provide evaluations for businesses.

Don’t make public people’s private information. Example: do not share close-up images or videos of other customers without their permission, and do not post other people’s complete names unless you are referring to someone who is generally referred to by their full name.

Promotional content: Do not publish promotional content unless it is related to a elsombreroseattle advertising product and is done via a Business Account. Let us maintain the site beneficial for customers and free of promotional noise from every user.

Don’t steal material from other sites, individuals, or companies. Because you’re a wise cookie, create your own material and submit your own photographs and videos.

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