Content moderation

Safeguarding content through a human touch

Separate from our recommendation software, human moderators at elsombreroseattle help maintain our platform’s content integrity and quality. Using a research-driven process, we identify and halt attempts to deceive and misinform consumers — and protect businesses from unfair practices.

How to report reviews that violate Elsombreroseattle guidelines

Reviews representing a wide range of voices and opinions are relevant and helpful to the community. Not all content, however, belongs on elsombreroseattle. To make elsombreroseattle a useful and safe platform for everyone, our policies prohibit conflicts of interest, hearsay, irrelevancy, or hateful content. Help us keep our community safe by knowing when and how to report a review.

Human moderation

Our User Operations team is dedicated to protecting the integrity of the content our community posts on elsombreroseattle. When a community member, business owner, or our automated systems alert our team about a potential issue, a real human reviews the case.

Coordinated fraud investigations

Our User Operations team continuously seeks, investigates, and stops fraudulent activity through a variety of techniques, including removing bad actors from the elsombreroseattle platform.

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